How it Works

Effective January 1, 2018, Pete's Market will launch the Adopt A House of Worship campaign. All good standing 501 C3 St. Louis faiths and demoninations are eligible to participate.

  1. Each month, Pete's Market will Adopt A House of Worship.
  2. The designated House of Worship will receive a check in the amount of 1% of store sales.
  3. Specific rules will be provided to the designationed House of Worship on how the 1% of store sales will be awarded.
  4. The maximum amount that a House of Worship can receive is $50,000.
  5. Designated Houses of Worship may only participate in the program once per calendar year.
  6. Resubmission to participate is required for subsequent years.
  7. A documented faith leader must complete the registeration form and be the point of contact.
  8. Donation will be made to the designated House of Worship no later than 60 days after the one month campaign has ended.
  9. Do not register to participate in the program more than once per year.
  10. All submissions will be reviewed and equally considered.